A screwdriver to the ribcage, toxic ideals and a lack of fatherly advice

An essay about the malfunctioning of “male-functions”

Photo by Mitchel Lensink on Unsplash
  • Arson. He used to walk around with a way too powerful blow torch and casually set bike sheds and parts of schools on fire for kicks.
  • Tagging-ish. His fascination lay with getting the thickest and most permanent markers available to maximise the destruction with one stroke. Never the art itself.
  • Crimes for profit (to support his cannabis obsession). Yep, Battary became a semi-sophisticated burglar who over a summer, almost single-handedly, raised the crime stats for burglaries in several parts of the county. Mainly by prying open doors to suburban villas using an ice scraper and then jamming in a crowbar and… come on folks, just use your imagination before I get incriminated!

Essayist on Life | Viking — I replaced my axe with a pen, and now my bloodstained sneakers smell of lingonberry jam.

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